10 Popular Logo Trends of 2015


Recently I have been getting more and more requests for logo designs and with research being key I have discovered some fantastic trends emerging! I have added a few of my favourites below:

Hand Drawn

From the highly detailed to the simple doodle, hand drawn logos are starting to take a dominant space within the logo trends of 2015. Personally I think they are great and bring a humanized character to a brand.


Are the days of super strict brand guidelines that can hinder creativity gone? Some may say it’s dangerous, but I think fluid brands and identities are definitely going to take the market by storm. Of course, brand guidelines still need to prevail, but why not be subtly consistent? After all, what’s more on trend than constantly being on trend?

Negative Space & Animals

I would have to say this is one of my absolute faves! The clever simplicity of negative space for creating animal logos, be they the super cute or the super cool, it just works.

Low Poly

I must say when I first started seeing low poly graphics for use in logos I was sceptical. Even now I’m unsure if it will continue to grow or bow out as a fad. But I must say, some of the logos using this polygon mesh effect are just beautiful.

Bold & Thin Line

Not only is this dominating icon design at the minute, its now successfully crept into logo design. When its done right, it does look slick. Even Apple have used it in their latest IOS.

Hand Lettering & Calligraphy

Is there anything more sophisticated than a logo with beautifully crafted typography?


I am definitely a gradient fan-girl, just take a look at the photo filters I created with CSS3 Gradients >


This printmaking technique from the 1860s has been rocketed into the 21st century and used to create some stunning logos.

 Letter Stacking

There is a certain modern sophistication created from letter stacking…

“Almost” Hidden Symbolism

I just love to look at a logo and think, ah that’s clever!

Of course, I could keep going… There are so many design trends for logos, and so there should be!

With the constant fight to be unique yet recognisable, the possibilities are endless for designers.

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