Throwback: Being a Magento extrovert is challenging

What I should have admitted sooner.

Earlier today I wrote ‘Dear Past Self, here are some tips for Mage Titans’ but since returning from work I have been able to reflect further, delving into my experiences and thoughts on the subject of our Magento community a little more…

Here goes nothing!

Sonja Riesterer : An open, approachable Magento Community

GuidoLet the hard work begin

Kalen JordanWelcoming people into the Magento community

After reading these posts on creating a more inviting community around Magento I was pumped to go to Mage Titans in Manchester and put to work everything Sonja, Guido, Kalen and others had mentioned and advised.

We all attend these events to broaden our horizon, learn from other people, and share ideas. Staying within your bubble and our own peer group… limits your chances of being challenged by a different view. -Sonja Riesterer

Yes Sonja! I couldn’t have agreed more.

MageTitans was going to be my first Magento conference since fully submerging myself into the Magento Community and I was going to talk to EVERYONE.

As I walked away from registration (clutching my camera bag, laptop bag, swag bag and new t-shirt, awkwardly trying to get my name tag onto the Space48 lanyard) I looked up at the crowd and…

Confession time: I am an introvert.


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