Holding Out For A Commerce Hero

So I recently teamed up with the guys over at Commerce hero, Kalen Jordan & Eric Hileman, to put together what turned out to be the funnest video I have worked on to date!! It all started with a question…

Kalen: What would a video for Commerce Hero even look like?

Rebecca: WELL, off the top of my head (and completely copyrighted of course 😋)… Maybe a Bonnie Tyler “I need a hero” spoof music video could work?

A few emails & storyboards later the video was born…

Want to sing along?

Where have all the good devs gone?
Oh ,everyone just shrugs
Where’s the PHP Hercules to fight the rising bugs?
Isn’t there a sysadmin to help with server speed?
Late at night I toss and I turn
And I dream of what I need!

Hope you enjoy the video!

Keep up the awesome work heroes!!

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