The First Step

When it comes to exercise, perseverance has always been my biggest challenge. One that, begrudgingly, I still have not surpassed.

So today, I am writing this blog post to publicise my goal of gaining an exercise habit.

Exercise Routine

Sure it may look like I have an exercise routine because I commit to a few sports. If it’s Tuesday I play badminton, Thursday is football training, most Mondays & Fridays I go to the gym and football games on a Sunday.

Put it on a calendar and its a pretty busy routine, but there is no habit there for me. It’s all too easy for me to miss exercise and to let excuses get in the way. That’s where my battle lies.


I probably should start by building this habit up slowly, attainable goals with quick rewards so that I feel good about what I’m doing. More you get, more you want etc.

But hey, I am one for putting loads of pressure on myself before even reaching the first hurdle…


Fully booked and straight into the deep end.

RunKeeper Beginner 5K Training Plan

Start: Monday 19/01
Finish: Saturday 14/03

I have never been able to run very far and I am so jealous of people who make it look and sound easy. So taking on this plan I am hoping to improve my cardio and smash 5K out! Then 10K! London Marathon here I come!!

About this plan: Proper training is essential for any type of racing event, even a 5K. This is a simple, yet extremely effective strategy to build endurance and speed to get you through a 5K race. This plan is for beginners or for those who are still new to 5K’s and want to see some improvement in time or would like to run the entire race. This is an 8-Week progressive program. It is strategically planned to safely and effectively get you from walking a 5K to running the whole thing and vastly improving your time.


Pink Collar Boxing

Start: Tuesday 20/01
Finish: Saturday 07/03

I am really looking forward to starting this! I’m not the aggressive type, but I put out a tough exterior, thanks to being a bit of a tomboy and having a “resting bitch face”.
Let see if I can handle it!

About this plan: Ladies Pink Collar Boxing is an event organisation bringing together local ladies to compete in a “White Collar Boxing” style tournament. We provide your boxing training at no cost to you and we turn you into a boxer in 8 weeks.


Football, Badminton & Gym

Can’t forget about the classics! I will still be keeping up with badminton on Tuesdays, football on Thursdays & Sundays, and at least 1 gym class a week!

Let’s go!

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