My Girlfriend Is Not A Gambler.

Last night we went to the Dogs for a birthday party, and my Girlfriend (aka C) suggested we mix it up. We swapped £20 notes and  placed bets to see how much we could win for the other person. Cute right?


Her tactic was to bet on the same 2 dogs to win every race, 5 and 6. So straight up to the bookies she went, handed over all the money and came back with a pile of betting notes.

My tactic was a bit more logical, if I do say so myself. I looked over all the previous results, checked the weather conditions, the odds, everything! Then made a informed decision on which dogs had the best names! On the first race, my tricast bet came in and I won £30! Luck was on my side for the night and after the last race I had a hefty ton to go home with!

C had not been so lucky, 5 & 6 hardly came in at all and she ended up winning all of £14. She was pretty quick to remind me of our swap though! Gutted.

Ah well, it was a fun night and I did manage to convince her to use the won money on a night out for the two of us!


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