How Did We Get Here? The History of Magento Told Through Tweets

From the first ever tweet about Magento, to the latest announcements. I have put together the history of Magento that got us to where we are now.

Magento in 2007

The first ever tweet about Magento

Magento hit beta!

Lots’a love for Magento

Jeannie noticed the new Magento twitter account

The first ever tweet from @Magento

DataFlow is announced!

Awww look at the little version number

You can still find this interview here

The first designers guide becomes available

The value of open-source

Hit a massive milestone after less than 6 months!

Magento in 2008

New Magento version available for download that includes a new installation process

Version 0.8.16100!

The aim for a production release!

Magento hits 0.9! So close now…

This is intense.

Oh no!


Haters gonna hate

Stirring up some confusing emotions

Mobile optimised theme released

Magento 1.1 beta is released. Fun fact: This was also my 16th Birthday!

Magento turns 1!

A spot of Magento spotting


Magento in 2009

So many gateways!

@benmarks first Magento tweet!

Enterprise Edition is released

The first Magento tweet from @sherrierohde, who is now Community Manager!

@alanstorm gets involved

Widgets & appreciation for the community

Magento in 2010

Over 1.5 million downloads!

Growth in the company

Enterprise passes the 1 year mark

Magento Proffessional Edition

Magento in 2011

There’s a new VP and Magento U is announced

eBay acquired 49% of Magento

Magento 2!

eBay acquires 100% of Magento

The Magento Developer Certification is here

Magento in 2012

4 million downloads!

Goodbye to Professional Edition

Co-founder @YoavKutner leaves

Magento in 2013

I, in fact, did not know that

Over 150,000 sites using Magento

Magento and eBay Enterprise join together


Magento in 2014

My first Magento tweet!

Magento Co-Founder and COO Roy Rubin steps down



Magento in 2015

The new forum arrives

Sherrie Rohde joins as Community Manager

Magento 2 merchant beta is released!

Magento launches as an independent company, backed by the Permira funds

Magento in 2016

Magento Masters!

The Magento Forums Reach 100,000 Members

I can’t wait to see what’s next for Magento & its awesome community!

P.s. if there is something significant you think I missed, let me know! I did ALOT of scrolling through twitter so would not be surprised if I did miss something 😀

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