Let’s Play Magentopoly! Acquisitions & Mergers | YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR SALE

If you’ve listened to MageTalk episode 150 you will have heard Phillip & Kalen talking about acquisitions in the Magento community and the list of those that have happened in the past:

  • There was the merger between FMG & Pod 1 to become Born in 2014
  • Blue Acorn being acquired by Beringer Capital in April this year
  • Lyons being acquired by Capgemini in September.
  • DEG acquiring Moku in November

Kalen also mentioned Shopify Acquiring Boltmade back in 2016 but did you know shopify have been gobbling up companies since 2012! Their first meal was a Mobile App Development company called Select Start Studios, followed by Jet Cooper, a user experience agency in 2013 and then in 2016 they aquired Kit, the artificially intelligent marketing bot, development agency Boltmade and another app development agency called Tiny Hearts. Their latest acquisition Oberlo Dropshipping was in May this year.

We have seen Magento acquire RJMetrics which is now Magento BI & Bluefoot in 2016, then Shopial in April this year which is now Magento Social but they have stayed well clear of development agencies, Kalen did speculate that they could look to acquire one and Phil mentioned a rumour of an internal goal for Magento services to deliver 100 site builds by end of year next year.

Putting that aside, development agencies are getting snapped up by each other anyway!

Of course in the very week that episode 150 aired, Space 48 announced acquiring Meanbee. My first thought? Do we have free will at all or are we somehow being controlled by MageTalk? Is Kalen some kind of wise puppet master? He brings acquisition up once on MageTalk and all of a sudden, Acquire-geddon is upon us! Is he Kalen Almighty?

Always one step ahead, not predicting the future – creating it!

This week we also have had the news of Sonassi being acquired by Iomart. Then in the same day news of Pinpoint being acquired by IDHL!

Who’s next?

I mean these are huge deals for everyone involved and congratulations is owed to both sides!
What I want to know is, when will this channel be scooped up?

It’s going cheap.
Only seven guineas.
That — or thereabouts.

I’ve been doing some digging! And I can tell you, these mergers and purchases have been happening all over for years. The earliest one I found was back in 2009 when Aitoc acquired a Magento extensions company called AdjustWare. In 2014 Amasty acquired a Magento extensions company called MagePlace. They then acquired another one called MagPleasure in 2015. Great name – I love the word pleasure.

2016 was a busy year! Webtise acquired Apposing which unfortunately ended up putting undue financial pressure on the business and a year later, the two organisations reached a legal agreement which enabled Apposing to return to its former, independent status and Webtise went into administration with the “marketing division” of Webtise being acquired by the founders new digital marketing agency, WeInfluence Ltd. It’s a long story!

Also in 2016 Danish Magento eCommerce specialists, Customerwise were acquired by Vaimo. Net@Work, Headquartered in New York, acquired Magento agency Pixafy. In the Netherlands, Guapa Media and 360 eCommerce merged to become Guapa BV. A boutique digital agency in the North East of England, Commvia, were acquired by eCommerce & digital marketing agency Venture Stream.

The e-tailing group, an e-commerce consultancy company, along with Protoshare, a collaborative software tool for creating, reviewing and refining website, mobile and web application prototypes were acquired by digital commerce agency Astound. Later in the year London based ecommerce specialist, Flint Technology were acquired by Williams Commerce

And have you heard of Hublogix? They are a fulfillment and logistics platform and in 2016 they acquired a competitor of theirs called OrderPidgeon. What happened in May this year? Hublogix were acquired by Channel Advisor.

Also this year Darwin Pricing B.V., a Dynamic Geo-Pricing service was acquired SPOSEA BV and Fredhopper, an onsite search, navigation, and merchandising software provider was acquired by ATTRAQT.

And all that’s without mentioning Magento’s story of being acquired by eBay and then later relaunching as Independent Company Backed by the Permira Funds in 2015.

I’m sure there have been sooo many more that I didn’t stumble upon or weren’t widely shouted about. Lot’s of companies merging and joining forces to fight eCommerce evil! eComevil! e-evil!

One thing is for sure… Acquire-geddon proves that everyone is taking note of how much potential there is in the Magento space and for specialist agencies.
People are investing heavily in our community at the moment, they are betting on us, we are betting on ourselves! Becuase we know what we are doing and our community is stronger than it’s ever been.

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