Mage Titans Manchester 2017 Summary & Interviews With Titans!

Last weekend (10th & 11th November) saw the 4th annual Mage Titans in Manchester, its original location. Now spread into 5 different countries, Mage Titans is one of the most highly ranked and raved about events in the Magento space because it’s completely development and learning focused.

Although I’m not a developer any more, I still love to go because I’m still involved in that world and every time I learn something useful, catch up with my awesome dev buddies and meet new people!

JH sponsored the pre-party drinks after the Dev Exchange on the Friday night and so I got to go along, represent and have an absolutely brilliant time!

How my Mage Titans weekend went:


One of the many things I learnt from the event this year is that there is no better way to draw a crowd and meet new people at a tech conference than giving away JH Development & Star Wars Themed t-shirts.

These t-shirts went down so well with everyone, and I am so grateful to JH for giving them to me to use as bribes for interviews with the super interesting and talented attendees! :p

Interviews With Titans

Everyone that this event pulls in, are nothing short of a Titan. What is a Titan?

The noun titan comes from Greek mythology, in which the Titans were a race of gods. Today, a titan is someone who is god-like, or powerful and influential in a certain field.

We have a whole community of them 😎

I was lucky enough to sit down with 13 of the Titans at Mage Titans and ask them about who they are, their thoughts on Magento, events and even emojis! 😉 😮 😛

I will be sharing a new one every day, starting at 6:30pm GMT today!

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Andrew Pemberton (AKA pembo) | iWeb

November 16th!

Magento 2, Community Love & Protégés with Andrew Pemberton | #TitanInterviews

The first of my INTERVIEWS WITH TITANS series with my ex-work husband pembo!

Rabia Qureshi | Nosto

November 17th!

People, Planets and Party Parrots with Rabia Qureshi | #TitanInterviews

It’s interview number two with Nosto’s Customer Success Manager, Rabia Qureshi!

Gentian Shero | Shero

November 18th!

Sexy Magento Gazelles with Gentian Shero | #TitanInterviews

Dubbed an “an inspiration to all of us” by Paul Rogers, interview number three is with Shero’s CEO, Gentian Shero!

Narayan Varma | Paul Smith

November 19th!

Magento 1.0, Paul Smith & Orange Teddy Bears with Narayan Varma | #TitanInterviews

Interview number 4 is with the interesting and brilliant Narayan Varma, Development Manager at Paul Smith!

Maier Bianchi | Bemier

November 20th!

Sponsor A Dev & Magento Certifications with Maier Bianchi | #TitanInterviews

The man behind the awesome community initiative #SponsorADev, Maier Bianchi! In honour of the first Magento 2 certifications Bemeir LLC decided it’s time to give back to the community.

Sponsor A Dev Initiative

Andy Jones | Attain Design

November 21st!

When I grow up I want to be a Magento Developer with Andy Jones! | #TitanInterviews

I sat down with Andy Jones, Lead Frontend Certified Magento Developer at Attain Design to talk all things Magento at Mage Titans in Manchester.

Max Bucknell | Mind Candy

November 22nd!

Stealing ElePHPants, Petlandia and ClojureScript with Max Bucknell | #TitanInterviews

He is the reason I’ve seen Star Wars and know what my T-shirt means, the Magento Jedi that is Max Bucknell.

John, Nathan, Kirsty & Carl | Fisheye

November 23rd!

Community, Innovation & Thumbs Up with Fisheye! | #TitanInterviews

I was lucky enough to catch up with John, Nathan, Kirsty & Carl from Fisheye at MageTitans!

Claudia | Klevu

November 24th!

Magento Dolphins with the Cloud! AKA Claudia from Klevu | #TitanInterviews

Claudia is a new member of our community since joining Klevu in September and Mage Titans Manchester is her first Magento event!

Douglas Radburn | Pinpoint

November 25th!

Contributing, MLUK17 & One Handed Clapping With Douglas Radburn | #TitanInterviews

This Yorkshireman is hilarious. I managed to grab Pinpoints Senior Magento Developer, Douglas, and talk about all things Magento.

Dajve Green | Allies

November 26th!

Contributing, MLUK17 & One Handed Clapping With Douglas Radburn | #TitanInterviews

I met the very interesting & fun Dajve Green, Chief Technical Officer at Allies, this year at Mage Titans in Manchester!

Jon Woodall | Space 48

November 27th!

Pretending I don’t know who Jon Woodall Is | #TitanInterviews

Dubbed “The Grandfather of Mage Titans”, I was honored to sit down with Jon Woodall, MD at Space 48, to discuss the event and much more!

Phillip Jackson | Something Digital

November 28th!

Honey Badgers, Beer Pong & All Things Magento With Phillip Jackson | #TitanInterviews

Here I am with the man, the myth, the living legend that is Phillip Jackson! You may know him from such podcasts as MageTalk, FutureCommerce and Merchant to Merchant but all you really need to know is, he rocks.

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