Magento 2: Setting Up The Catalog ~ Creating A Simple Product

Magento 2: Setting Up The Catalog

Throughout this series of blog posts, I will be setting up a basic store catalog and documenting what I find.

  1. Creating A Simple Product
  2. Creating A Configurable Product (In Progress)
  3. Creating & Using Attributes
  4. Creating Categories & Setting Up The Navigation

How To Create A Simple Product In Magento 2:

So, I am going to create a Simple Product, the most general & most used product type for Magento webshops, and explore the new product detail admin area.

  1. Click Products to open the slide out menu
  2. Under Inventory select Catalog
  3. This is the Catalog grid and
    • This lists all products in the catalog. Here you can create new products of every type, and manage your inventory.
  4. Click the arrow next to Add Product to expand
  5. Select Simple Product
add product
You will now be on the Product Details section of the Basic Settings for your new product. Fill out everything, click Save, and your basic simple product is created!
There are obvious changes here compared to Magento 1 and I have to say, they are for the better. All of the most important (in my opinion) product attributes are now included on this opening page instead of being hidden away under a sub-menu, such as Price, Tax Class, Images, Quantity & Categories.
Other awesome changes from this first look:

  • SKU auto-fills with the name – This may be useful.
  • You can drag and drop images into the browser – Amazing.
  • You can add videos – Also amazing. I have not tried it yet, though.
  • Weight is no longer required as default – Ideal for virtual products & services.
  • You can create new categories from this product screen – Genius!
  • There are some basic WYSIWYG features on the description – Means none coders can do some simple editing without loading the full WYSIWYG editor pop up.
  • The meta data is auto-filled with the Product Details – Nice touch.
  • Everything is simplified – Perfect for quick product set up and so much easier to use & understand!

I must say, job well done on this Magento 2 admin folk.

Click to watch me create a simple product in Magento 2
Click to watch me create my first Magento 2 simple product

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