Magento 2: Introducing The New Admin

screenshot-2016-02-04 15-45-42
New Magento Dashboard
Old Magento Dashboard

The Magento admin has undergone quite a transformation in version 2 with an apparent usability focus and UI improvements. Since the new design is primarily created for Magento merchants, it was necessary for Magento to make it more simple and effective.

Personally, I think its awesome, but I may be biased because I love Magento and now it has had a modern makeover I love it even more!

So what’s been done?

I Love It Even More

The Dashboard of Magento 2

Although the new default screen looks a lot cleaner and minimalist, it still contains all the same as the original: Lifetime Sales, Average Orders, Last 5 Orders, Last 5 Search Terms, Top 5 Search Terms, Graphs, BestSellers, Most Viewed Products, New Customers, and Customers.

Magento 2 Admin Login
The only downside I am experiencing at the minute is it’s super slow!
You can see from the gif how long it took to log in, did you even notice it was not a still image?
I must say, I do have the cache disabled so that contributes, but it’s still a bit painful.

Overall, as soon as you hit this new Dashboard it just feels a lot friendlier – and maybe a little WordPress-y, but I like the WordPress admin. It is a lot better than Magento 1.x so I’m down with it.

Navigating Magento 2

The new vertical menu is just better. Touch-friendly with larger click/tap targets, it leaves more space for content and is preferable for mobile devices. Thanks to this, an added bonus of the new admin is it can be comfortably used on a wide range of screens, including touchscreen laptops, iPads, Surface and 9”+ Android tablets. Amazing.
Magento 2 Menu Gif

Next up – Magento 2: Configuring My Store

So that was my first impression of the new Magento admin, over the next few weeks I will be using Magento 2 to set up an online store as if I was a Merchant and seeing what I can do, having only access to the admin.
I will starting with what’s under Stores and trying to configure the site – is it easy to add my company details? I’m going to use the default theme, but how much can I customise from the admin? Can I update the logo? I will let you know 😉

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