Magento, Ingenico ePayments & agnès b.

agnès b. designs clothing that is truly timeless and can easily adapt to every personality. Having celebrated her 40-year anniversary in 2016, agnès b. continues to design each collection herself & most of the collection is still made locally in France, supporting the authenticity and high-quality image that the brand is famous for.

The website, built on Magento, stays consistent to the agnès b. look: old-fashioned yet timeless, restrained but effortlessly stylish. It is a look that has become international while remaining quintessentially French.


  • High levels of fraud and chargebacks
  • Global expansion
  • Localisation
  • Magento Platform
  • Consistent with brand

The company has more than one hundred shops throughout the world, and sells online in several key markets, including France, the UK and the US. As the share of online sales increased, the company was looking to expand into additional markets. However, the company was experiencing high fraud rates from online sales, something it wanted to tackle.

The company decided to work with Ingenico ePayments to develop a global expansion plan that would respect local consumer preferences to provide the best possible experience for consumers, while at the same time improving its fraud solutions to reduce its exposure to online fraud and chargebacks – which tend to be higher for cross-border sales.


  • New fraud policies implemented by Ingenico fraud experts
  • Flexible 3D Secure
  • Single payments processor for global operations
  • Local currency, language and payment methods
  • Certified Magento integration
  • Customised payment page

Working closely with fraud experts from Ingenico ePayments, the company first introduced new fraud policies and flexible 3-D Secure. This meant the company was able to move away from its very strict fraud rules to a much more selective and flexible solution.

Next, the company consolidated its payment processing with Ingenico ePayments. Historically, the company had used different providers for its US and European operations, which made remittance and reconciliation complicated. As Ingenico ePayments has a global footprint, it meant we were able to offer a single interface and multi-currency acceptance to agnès b. which hugely reduced the complexity of managing the online sales process.

The company then decided to further localize its checkout process, by adding popular payment methods such as American Express and PayPal in the United States as well as offering payment in local currency in the UK, where the company historically priced in Euros.

The checkout now looks and acts in perfect sync with the agnès b. Magento store and gives all customers a tailored experience base on their country, language, and preferred payment methods.


  • Reduced online fraud by 90%
  • International expansion
  • Responsive and custom payment page
  • Single interface and reduced complexity for managing the online sales process
  • Ongoing expert advice and support


Today, online sales are growing and agnès b. is looking to further expand its international operations. Its new fraud policies have led to a dramatic reduction in fraud, with fraud rates now below 0.5% – a tenfold reduction!

By consolidating payments with a single processor, the company was able to gain in efficiency, using a single interface for all global online payment that increased agility and made communications easier.

Experts from Ingenico ePayments continue to support agnès b. with payment advice, as the company prepares to enter new markets such as Canada where the company will start selling online before opening a physical store – a first for the company.

The partnership with Ingenico ePayments has allowed agnès b. to expand into new strategic markets by offering a localized payment experience that their customers recognize and trust. Furthermore, by working closely with Ingenico’s fraud experts, the company was able to reduce its exposure to fraud and improve sales even when selling into international markets.

“Before we worked with Ingenico ePayments, we had different providers for different markets. It was important to us to find a solution that would reduce the complexity as we grow into more markets, and Ingenico ePayments provides us the single interface and international capabilities that we were looking for.”

agnès b. opened her first shop on rue du Jour in Paris in 1975. Now the company has more than one hundred shops throughout the world.


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