The Magento Monthly – August 2016

Personally, I found that August flew by so fast!

No video for this months news guys, sorry! It’s been a crazy week but, not too worry, you can still read the Magento Monthly for yourself…

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Special Mentions

@DigitalPianism is back from holidaying in Spain!

I am super jealous of @thienlan’s colleague, Madis Männi:

And just in-case you missed it…


Magento 2 Releases
August saw 2.0.9 being released on the 10th for those still on 2.0 followed by 2.1.1 on the 30th. This 2.1 release includes several functional fixes and enhancements to the deployment of static assets, including:
The Category page now displays current, rather than outdated, product prices.
Magento now displays configurable products as expected after creation.
You can now log in successfully after creating a custom attribute
You can read more on the Magento 2.1.1 Release Notes page.

Admin UX Survey
The Magento UX team are looking for feedback and have put together 6 questions in a survey about the customer section of the admin.

UI Components Doc Sprint
Tana Berry, from the Magento DevDocs team, organized the first ever Magento Doc Sprint for the new UI Components functionality introduced in Magento 2. To find out more head over to

Webforms Pro 2 vulnerability has been added to MageReport. Outdated versions of this module are being actively abused.
Aheadworks: Critical Security Issue
AheadWorks released a new version of their Blog extension that closes a recently discovered security issue. They strongly encourage all users of their extension to download the latest version for free and upgrade.

Nomad Mage
Augusts NomadMage was presented by Max Chadwick on Monitoring (and improving) Your Full Page Cache Hit Rate with Enterprise_PageCache. If you missed it, don’t worry! You can still download the video from and register for the next session where Kevin Schroeder will be sharing how to Increase Happiness and Reduce Profanity with Browser Testing.

Nexcess AMA
On the 19th Nexcess ran a Ask Me Anything event on reddit that attracted some great questions from the Magento community! Definitely worth a read through as there are some great insights into Nexcess and interesting questions around Magento 2. One of my favourite questions from the event had to be: Would you rather fight one Ben Marks-sized duck or 10 duck-sized Ben Marks? Definitely one to ponder.
Mage Titans USA
To help spread the word about our communities development conference, Mage Titans, I did a short video with 8 reasons you should go & if that wasn’t enough Profits made from Mage Titans USA will go to SAFE Austin.

Meet Magento Indonesia
Thanks to local organizer I.CUBE, Meet Magento have conquered another country with their latest event being held in Jakarta, Indonesia. I’m actually speaking to an attendee later this week so will know more then!

Improvements to Magento’s GitHub Management
Magento is improving the way it processes GitHub submissions to more rapidly identify and respond to core code issues discovered by the community. Starting this week, Magento will change how it handles Questions submitted to GitHub and Q&A communities along with Feature Requests and Improvements.
MageTalk is back!
5 of the eagerly awaited Mage Talk episodes were delivered at the end this month. I even got a mention in Episode 99.0 so at least go listen to that one. Then I promise you will get addicted to these guys. Roll on episode 100!

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