The Magento Monthly – November 2016

November has been an awesome month (in my opinion). So many awesome events, posts, tweets and general greatness from Magento and its community! Watch the video below to catch up on the big stories in the Magento world:


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This month was kicked off with Magento Live Australia in Sydney on the 7th to the 8th of November! It looked to be an awesome event with some great talks that we will hopefully see up on the Magento Events channel soon!

Free Magento Training
The big announcement that came from MLAU16 was that for a limited time only (December 1st to January 31st) on demand Magento 2 training courses on MagentoU will be Free!

An Open Community
Is has been an inspirational month for Community outreach posts, sparked by Sonjas post titled “An open, approachable Magento Community” it has truly been amazing to see everyone open up to their own fears, struggles and concerns. Let’s keep this conversation going and work to make the Magento community even more welcoming!

Mage Titans Manchester
Kicked off on November 11th with the UI components workshop by Vitaly and followed by the main event all day Saturday November 12th, Mage Titans MCR was EPIC. You can watch the talks over on the Mage Titans YouTube channel or check out my video here:

New Wallpapers From Atwix
The artwork produced by the guys at Atwix is just awesome. There are some new wallpapers, one of which I’ve used above.

Enterprise Edition and Community Edition
The long awaited EE and CE landed on the 14th of November. They have fixed all of the bugs found and resolved in @DigitalPianisms module. If you haven’t already, you should now be upgrading and removing this bug fixes module. You can read more in the Magento release notes:

NomadMage & Commerce Hero
NomadMage and Commerce Hero have teamed up to bring you a 3 month free trial of NomadMage, worth almost $150! This offer applies to new and exisitng users of Commerce Hero and all you need to do to qualify is complete your Commerce Hero profile – so get to work!
Small print: If you’re already a monthly subscriber to NomadMage this deal won’t apply to you, sorry!

Magento 2 Turned 1 on Nov 18th
Happy Birthday to 2, Happy Birthday to 2, Happy Birthday Dear Magento 2, Happy Birthday to 2.
Black Friday & Cyber Monday
Of course the end of the Month brought us Black Friday & Cyber Monday, which really should just be renamed Black Cyber Weekend because there is no break from it. Pretty sure there are still some Black Friday offers running now. But I hope you had a good one and it wasn’t too stressful, whether you were working or shopping!

Community Content
We’ve had so much awesome content from the community this month! Including 4 new MageTalk episodes, a new Mage2Kata from Vinai, 3 Devletters from Max, an impressive number of awesome blog posts from the community and some new modules.
A few noteworthy pieces of content were brought to my attention whilst I was gathering news which I highly recommend you check out:

You can find more of the Communities content them by going to Sherrie’s #MagentoMonday posts on the forums:

Booked My Solution Specialist Exam
This month I have taken the leap, or maybe I was pushed by a certain Technical Director at iWeb. But none the less, I’m sure I will go into full meltdown soon. So many people have already reached out to help which I am so grateful for! If you have any advice, I would love to hear from you.

Holding Out For A Commerce Hero
Oh, and I branched out into the Music video production business. Check it out:


And a huge ‘Thank You’

To those who replied to my search for news!! I try to keep the video short so can’t mention everything but here are the awesome replies I had!

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