The Magento Monthly – October 2016

October has been crazy, scares and all! Trust me, you don’t want to have missed anything. Watch the video below to catch up on the big stories in the Magento world:


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News of this patch was leaked a day or so before its actual release. This patch contains multiple security updates and is critical for Magento Enterprise Edition prior to 1.14.3 and Community Edition prior to 1.9.3. This was of course promptly applied by the community and shortly followed by s*** hitting the fan. It was found that the patch failed if a store had previously applied SUPEE1533 or SUPEE3941 security patches. This along with a few widespread issues meant that Magento needed to release a v2 of the patch as there were a couple widespread issues that didn’t appear in their testing. There was also a v3 of the patch released for 1.13.0.x. You can find out more about this on the Magento release notes, StackExchange and Twitter.
My favourite tweet amongst the twitter storm this caused came from @maxpchadwick: “I got 99 problems and a SUPEE patch is every single one of them #realmagento.”
Generally, the whole thing was as smooth as sandpaper. Read more:

EE 1.14.3 & CE 1.9.3
Several issues were also found in the recent Magento 1.x releases and some affected functionality critical to store operations. Magento were attempting to get & released by the end of last week but no sign at the minute. They have recommended that merchants wait to upgrade to Community Edition 1.9.3 and Enterprise Edition 1.14.3, and instead apply the latest security patch, SUPEE-8788. Read more:

Already Upgraded?
If you have already upgraded and need to fix the issues it’s caused, the Magento community has created a module: Props go to @DigitalPianism for the Github repo & to @arjenmiedema_nl & the developers I work with at iWeb, including @p3mbo & @smartiewoo

Magento 2.1.2, 2.0.10
On a cheerier note: I don’t think there were too many issues with this release and the upgrade I witnessed went quite smoothly. This release includes security enhancements and several functional fixes. Read more:

Introducing Commerce Hero
Thanks to Kalen Jordan, finding a good Magento developer just got a whole lot easier. Commerce Hero is a new marketplace that personally vet all their Magento professionals personally so you are guaranteed to find experienced and reliable developers. Find out more at:
You can also see my profile here:

Month of events
This month has been off the charts for community events! To name but a few:
Meet Magento New York, Meet Magento Greece, Magento Minds of Manchester, Magento Unconference, Meet Magento Argentina, Meet Magento Spain, Meet Magento Romania, Magento Meetup Dubai – it’s been crazy! And November is looking pretty awesome too with MagentoLive Australia, Mage Titans Manchester (Which I am super excited to be giving a lightning talk at), Meet Magento Japan, Magento 2’s Birthday Party and so many more!
Mage Titans Manchester:
Check out this Magento Unconference Vlog from Guido:
Check out the full list of upcoming events here:

Roy Rubin Joins Magento BOD
This month is was announced that Magento co-founder and former CEO, Roy Rubin has joined the company’s Board of Directors! He joins Bill Halloran as the second independent director along with representatives from the Magento’s private equity owner, The Permira Funds. Read more here:

Halloween Magento Heroes Game
Mageworx created a fun, Halloween themed, game with characters based on Community members. I was surprised and honoured to see one of the characters based on me and so, as tribute, I dressed up as her (coming soon or not). Play the game:

Twitter Polls
I caught sight of two interesting twitter polls by the community this month. The first coming from @TomislavBilic asking “Dear #RealMagento, are you happy with Magento 2?” It received 90 votes and the findings were 59% No and 41% Yes which I actually found surprisingly positive, ok the majority did vote No, but to be honest, I was worried it was going to be a landslide.

The next one was from @MHGontijo: “You CAN’T preview the future BUT do you think you will be working with #Magento in the next 10 years from now? #curious #realmagento RT =-D” which received 89 votes and 62% of them were NOP which I think was meant to be NOPE! And only 38% were YEP. So what we will be working on? Tweet me if you know!

MageTalk is 2!
Everyones favourite community podcast turned 2 this month and celebrated in style with a Episode 104 their 2 Year Anniversary Show with Roy Rubin and Yoav Kutner! This treat was one of 6 new MageTalks published this month so if you haven’t already, get yourself over to their website to listen:

October for me…
I’ve of course been keeping myself busy and this month I shared my Magento 2 project with you all, new videos for that are coming soon and I shared my talk on Seducing Online Shoppers that I did at Staffs Web Meetup too!

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