The Magento Monthly – September 2016

September has been a jam-packed month! In case you missed anything, watch the video below to catch up on the big stories in the Magento world:


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Skype Chat With Guido Jansen
Early this month I had the pleasure of chatting with Magento celebrity Guido Jansen. We got to know Guido, find out all about the Meet Magento Association and Meet Magento world, along with random discussions on illusions, upcoming events, the Magento ‘in­crowd’, watching videos of yourself and even some dancing! Watch them here:


Magento Analytics: What it means
Amy Hourigan from Blue Acorn sat down with Robert Moore, co­founder and CEO of RJMetrics and the new head of Magento Analytics to find out more about what the acquisition means for the platform and is definitely worth a read! Quote: By combining data from dozens of sources like Google Analytics, Magento, Zendesk, and Facebook ads, Magento Analytics creates a single source of the truth around who your most valuable customers are and how to get more like them. Read it here:­-rjm


MageTalk: Episode 100!
September 14th was an important day for the community as the long awaited 100th episode of MageTalk was gifted to us and did not disappoint. If you haven’t already, go now and listen to brilliant the interview with CEO of Magento, Mark Lavelle. Listen here:

MageTalk On Ice
Spoiler alert. Rumour has it this frozen spectacle is to be performed on a Magento themed cruise. TBC.


Interview with Yoav Kutner
Magenticians published a great interview with Yoav Kutner, Former Magento CTO & Co­Founder. There are some quite controversial comments about Magento, Magento 2 & Imagine along with some interesting information from Yoav on Oro Inc, his journey and predictions for the future. Read it here:


Meet Magento Poland
On the 19th & 20th of September my Twitter feed was taken over by updates from Meet Magento Poland, which looked like a fantastic event. Videos from the event have been popping up over the last week and there are some fantastic interviews and presentations that you should definitely go and checkout! Watch them here:

Side Note: Sherrie Rohde, Community Manager at Magento, mentioned my YouTube Channel during her talk at the event. A) OMG. #fangirling B) Thank you! C) Challenge Accepted. 40 costume changes. 10minutes. Watch this space because, it’s happening.


Magento Unconference NL
Tickets for the first Dutch Magento Unconference have sold out! Which is a great achievement for the organisers and it’s set to be such an awesome event. If you don’t have a ticket, you can sign up to the waiting list and they will contact you if a spot opens up:


Magento 2 Configurator
This month CTI have started work on a Magento 2 configurator. For anyone not familiar with the Configurator it helps developers ensure database “state” is consistent across development environments; for more information on the configurator check out the GitHub project and MageTitans talk. GitHub: | Video:

Side Note: Please help support the development of this project by raising a pull request.


Partnership With Adobe
Magento announced its partnership with Adobe at Retail’s Digital Summit. Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target now integrate into Magento Digital Commerce and Commerce Order Management allowing the customer to have a consistent experience, while the Merchant gains a more holistic view of their buyer’s journey Read more here:

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