Random Magento Related Names

This is the list of the many random Magento related names that I came up with for my YouTube channel. I went with keeping it simple and didn’t use any of them in the end, but it was good fun coming up with them!

  • Ma-Gin-And-Tonic
  • Magento Girl
  • MagenGeek
  • Mage-Jedi
  • Batgento
  • MagenTough
  • MagenToilet
  • Gaygento
  • MagenThor
  • MageTrain
  • The Countess Of Magento
  • Don Magento
  • MageQueen
  • MagentoDog
  • MagenToad
  • MagenTooth Fairy
  • Otnegam
  • Magento Empress
  • Lady Magento
  • Maxigento
  • Dr Magento
  • Statue of Magento
  • Oh, ho, ho It’s Magento you know
  • Radio Magento
  • MageTube
  • Super Mangento
  • iMagento
  • BeMage
  • Magento Mixer
  • Magentology
  • XMage
  • Mage & Veg
  • Mageical
  • Magenificent
  • Mage Horse
  • Mageistrate

Shout-out to @p3mbo for brainstorming with me on these :p


Can’t be bothered to manually think of names like I did?

Not to worry! @philwinkle has created this: magename.me


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