Progressive Web Apps, James Zetlen & Radioactive Spiders

You have to sit through my rambling on PWAs, but it’s worth it to hear from Magento’s Frontend Architect, James Zetlen! What are Progressive Web Apps? Why are Magento investing in them and what are they doing? In order to find out more about them and Magentos involvement, I reached out to James Zetlen, Frontend Architect at Magento. Skip to 3m 45s for my chat to James Zetlen.

James Zetlen:

Why hasn’t the web been more distruptive against native apps? It all comes down to capabilities. Apps are faster, more reliable, work offline and can use push, sync and sensors, yes the web is more often safer and more respectful of privacy but still lacks these UX features that help get consumers addicted and coming back.

So what if the web had all the user experience features that apps offer, along with its fantastic reach? That’s what Progressive Web Apps are set to achieve.

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