How To Set Up An Online Store Using Magento 2

How To Set Up A Magento 2 Store

Videos from start to finish, everything you need to do to ‘set up shop’ online.

Ok, so a few months ago I decided to set up and manage Magento 2 store in my spare time (which I have very little of, so don’t expect this to be a speedy project) record my journey and share it with you!

Questions I asked myself: Is this a good idea? What do I need to do? What should I call my store? What should I sell?

Episode 1: Introduction – Setting Up A Magento 2 Store From My Bedroom: First Steps

This can only go well. </sarcasm>

Also I’m not into secrets or holding stuff back so, in the interest of full disclosure, here are my rough plans of what I think needs doing, that will probably be done in a completely different order:

  1. Introduction to challenge
    1. What I’m Doing
    2. What I’m Going To Sell
    3. My Business Name & Brand
  2. Hosting
    1. Requirements
    2. Services / What To Look For
    3. Process
    4. Provider
  3. Magento 2
    1. How to install
    2. How to upgrade
    3. Go through the set-up
    4. Store configuration
  4. Design & Front-end
    1. Logo
    2. Navigation
    3. Banners
    4. Content & Pages (Home etc.)
  5. Catalog Data
    1. Categories
    2. Products
    3. Attributes
  6. Payment Methods
    1. What are the options?
    2. Installation (if needed)
    3. Configuration & Set Up
  7. Shipping
    1. Shipping Methods
    2. Shipping Rates
    3. Shipping Countries
  8. Tax
    1. The black hole that is tax
    2. Setting up tax rates and zones
  9. Pre-Launch
    1. Test Order
    2. Transactional Emails
    3. Cache & Indexing
    4. Merge JS & CSS
    5. SEO Checks
  10. Ready To Sell
    1. Launch store
    2. Marketing
      1. SEO, Social Media, Advertising, Promotions etc.
  11. First Order 
    1. Order Management & Fulfillment
  12. Maintenance & Scaling
    1. New Modules
    2. Upgrading
    3. Etc.

I have also probably forgotten so many things – but we will find out along the way I guess! 😆

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