If We Shopped Offline Like We Do Online

What would it be like if we shopped in real life like we do on the internet…. & reasons not to record videos late at night.

This is possibly the most random video you will ever watch.

Abandoned Basket

Employee: “Excuse me Miss, you can’t just leave your basket”
Shopper: “Well, will you give me 10% off to pick it up?”


Product Filtering

Shopper: “Can you remove all of the Products with Gluten from this asle?”


Product Sorting

Shopper: “I need you to sort the entire store by price, low to high.”


Checkout Speed

Shopper: “A MINUTE?! Do you think I just have time to waste?? It takes less than a second at Amazon”


Anytime, Anyhow

Shop Employee: “Ma’am! You can’t come in here with no pants on!”



Shopper: “Beans”

Shop Employee: “Oh, Hi! Just here”

Shopper: “Bread”

Shop Employee: “Erm, this way”


Payment Methods

Shopper: “Do you accept Amazon Payments?”

Shop Employee: “No… Sorry”

Shopper: “Ok, I’ll just use PayPal”

Shop Employee: “Sorry we don’t accept PayPal, you can use Apple pay though!”


Social Proof

Shopper: “I’m just seeing what my twitter, instagram, linkedIn, pinterest, tumblr, Google Plus, reddit, foursquare, myspace, flickr, and facebook friends think of these beans.”



Shopper: “Hi, do you do free next day delivery?”

Shop Employee: “Erm, No you just take it from store with you…”


Live Chat

Shopper: “Urgh I hate these Live Chat People”

*Smacks Employee in face*

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