Are you Team Magento 1 or Team Magento 2?

I recently coined a new hashtag (#MagePoll) to try and get the community to honestly and anonymously choose a side. Are they sold on Magento 2 or are they sticking to their guns with Magento 1?

Day 1

After 33 votes it was team #Magento1 who had the edge…


Day 2

60 votes in and team #Magento1 remained strong but #Magento2 had made a step in the right direction…


Day 3

47 new votes and Team #Magento1 were well in the lead with the underdog “Neither, I’m out” also stealing some percentage from Team #Magento2


Day 4

Only 3 votes were gained this day. Team #Magento2 did take a few percentage back but Team #Magento1 was still holding strong.


Day 5

Another 8 votes and Team #Magento1 took back a percentage and remained in the lead.


Final Day

With the final few votes cast, we saw the biggest shift towards “Neither, I’m out” but it was clear that there wasn’t much change over the whole poll period with Team #Magento1 keeping the lead from the start. Take what you will from that.

Total Votes: 132

#Magento1 Votes: 61

#Magento2 Votes: 51

Neither, I’m out Votes: 20


Feel free to share you opinions in the comments below.


Want my honest opinion?

Have a read of the interview I did for MageWorx, probably an overshare on my part 😉 😳 😛


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