What makes you diverse? My First Public Speaking Experience

So, I have just uploaded the slides from my first ever talk, that I did at Staffs Web Meeetup, to Slideshare!

The closest I’d come to public speaking before then was in 2008 when Trinny and Susannah asked me “What made you choose that outfit?” and then shoved a microphone in my face at the clothes show in Birmingham.

To which I replied: “I dunno.. I mean it was pretty early this morning… they were on top of the pile.”

I was only a wee 16-year-old.

My self-esteem has never really recovered.

Anyway! The night was all about diversity and I was asked to talk because I am a woman in the digital world who, also, happens to like other women.

Boop. Que Rainbow.


I could feel my heartbeat throughout my body 😯

My talk focused on being yourself and was up second, following the awesome Ruth Mills. When it came to my turn and Phil introduced me, standing up was the scariest thing I think I have ever done.

After that is kind of a blur, before I knew it I was on the last slide! I honestly thought I had rushed and got through it in 5 minutes flat but turns out I had been waffling on for nearly 20 minutes!

My head was spinning! But, after I had settled, I did really enjoy it. It’s such a buzz!

I think folks liked it and I got some lovely feedback too. Thank you to the Staffs Web Meetup for having me and thank you to all that came along to watch my talk! I am extremely grateful and will definitely be looking to do more… I have caught the bug!


The Slides

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